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Crazy Ethiopean Coffee

Today, after my grand win on the lottery, decided to go to town to spend 10 quid.

Problem number 1: No small change/Lack of will to raid the money box for small change.

Solution number 1: Sod the bus, I've got legs, use them.

Unexpected problem number 1: Walking for 5 miles to the Workhouse Coffee Shop on Oxford Road in just over 1 hour resulted in very unhappy legs made even less happy due to painkiller effects expiring along the way and a need to raid the toilet (but no toilet available along Wokingham Road.)

Managed to get to the Oracle without tripping over and dived in the toilet there before getting cash out. Along the Oxford Road, passed a Polish begger who said "Please, 5 pound?" 5 POUND?!?! Bloody hell, the beggers in Reading are getting ambicious!

Got to the Workhouse Coffee Shop and got a packet of my mind bending Ethiopean Coffee Beans for Thurday to share with people and had a cup while I was at it. Got some painkillers down me with a croissant and when Darren turned up I had another cup of coffee and I've been going mental ever since.

Tried to go to church to thank God and Allah and myself for the win on the lottery yesterday and asked for a bit more luck tonight but 2 of the 3 churches we went to were closed so in the ned Darren told me about the one next to the prison (which I think is called the young offender's institute now.) Lit a candle, gave some money, said some words for those upstairs and to my inner spirit and came back home feeling strangely overjoyed again (probably caffine induced.)

Mind still going at Mach 3, have sworn not to look at pr0n until tomorrow to enhance my chances of winning something tonight but did pass on some of my luck to Darren and the family. If Darren wins, he WILL buy me my own house!
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